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About Us

Juana was born in Bermejo, a small border town in Bolivia. The second of 10 siblings, she was a wild child, never one to follow societal norms. She credits her father for always encouraging her to create art and keep her imagination alive to this day. He purchased colored pencils and paper while Juana's artistically talented friends were banned from doing any kind of art for fear of a future as a starving artist. Growing up, Juana was always imaginative and fascinated with creation, whether it was a sculpture, drawing, dance, clothing or fixing the local church artwork. 

 At age 20 she left her home town to attend art school in Buenos Aires Argentina. There she became drawn to Mesoamerican artwork and culture which lead her to decide to travel to Mexico with her sister. They hitchhiked and took buses and sold leather artwork and jewelry at each stop to pay for food, basic hammock accommodations, and transportation. After a few years in Mexico, she moved to the US where she fell in love with metalwork.  Here she established her family operated art business- Peña Family Designs.  

Juana and her sisters weld copper and steel to make creatures from Juana's whimsical imagination. Each is hand painted with unique designs. She is constantly coming up with new designs and variations. After spending 15 years creating in a large shop, she recently downsized to her backyard. Her artwork is made though out the year at her home, featured at various art and craft shows year round, and now on Etsy.

She hopes that her beautiful creations will make it to your home and garden.


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