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The Festiniño, Juana's passion for the past 10 years, first started on a yearly visit to her mother's village, Los Toldos, Salta, Argentina, located in a valley surrounded by mountains. On a whim, she decided to throw a party for the neighborhood children with clowns and inflatable bouncers, transported from the next town 3 hours away to bring an experience never before seen by this village of 2000 dispersed inhabitants. By the end of the fun day, the children chanted her name asking for the party to be repeated. She never imagined she would continue but every year, the children, full of excitement for life, captivated and pulled her to continue. For the subsequent festivals, she spent weeks making decorations. The neighborhood children, excited for the next Festiniño, would come by curious with what she was creating and became her artistic assistants. Every year more and more children joined her, helping her create giant elephants, felines, carriages, and costumes. Before she knew it she had created a free month-long art summer camp. To thank her helpers for their contribution to the festival and all the joy they have brought her, she now throws them an appreciation ceremony and workshop after the Festiniño with the help of professional life coaches from the United States who are good friends of Juana. Local parents and the Mayor are also a huge help in making it all possible.


Juana's motivation for her business is to make her summer camp, festival, and ceremony bigger, more meaningful and life-changing for her these children. If you would like to contribute with ideas please contact us. She is accepting costume and toy donations year-round. Every trip, she takes two 50 lb bags full of toys while only using her carry-on for her personal belongings. You can also contribute here on her GofundMe page. 

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